Someday We’ll All Meet In Heaven

Someday We'll All Meet In Heaven by Paul Arow

Someday We’ll All Meet In Heaven by Paul Arow

I was brought up with strong beliefs that there is more for us than just life here on earth. Our spirits live forever. I have a beautiful granddaughter who asked me what will happen when you die papa. She looked at old photographs and expressed she misses family she never had a chance to meet. I responded you’ll have to wait to get to heaven to be together again. I remember asking a similar question of my grandfather and he said he would watch down from above. So, to convey my feelings and emotions about eternal life, I decided to write a song about heaven.
Everyone can relate to the loss of a loved one. When this sorrowful event happens, we have fond memories and feelings about someone who left us that never really heal. We hold hope and faith deep in our hearts, which keeps us going on.
I believe there’s a wonderful day when we’ll meet our lost love ones. We may also be surprised to see people we didn’t except to see! Well this song conveys a message of hope of an eternal life to come, a place where your friends and family have gone before, where we will live forever in the glory, peace, and love of God.  I truly wish for this song to be a blessing to you.

Author: Paul Arow

Paul Arow is a gifted singer/songwriter who arranges and produces quality music. The music is easy-listening, country rock, blues and light rock written in a classic style. Paul has had a lifelong love of music and started writing songs during high school and then became a member of the Arizona Song Writers Association. His involvement with this association helped to hone his song writing skills. He is currently an independent producer/ recording artist.