Recipe for Songwriting

Writing a great song requires not only a musical and lyrical hook, but using imagery and bringing into the mix some of your life experiences, as well as adding in your heart and soul. Sometimes a song just comes out as an inspiration or can happen when you achieve a higher consciousness or state of mind. Most of the time you have to write many songs just to be able to get one or two good ones, or rewrite a song over and over to make it a great song. In most cases it takes a lot of hard work to create an excellent piece that will be successful. A great song should have interesting changes, highs and lows, and different sections so as to not bore the listener, but rather excite them to want to hear more. It should be written about a relatable experience to establish a connection.

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The music should be structured with a good range of melody, not with just a few notes. The song should have a sense of catchiness so the listener will keep the melody and lyrics going on after the song has finished playing. Presentation can make or break a great song. When a song is arranged well and performed by musicians who are good at what they do then a great song will be enhanced and will sound more professional. But when a great song is poorly arranged, recorded, or performed badly then it will fall to a train wreck. If you have a passion for music and songwriting don’t give up if other professionals think you’re not good enough. Perseverance and dedication, as well as believing in yourself is as much the keys to success as is following the recipe for writing a great song.

Author: Paul Arow

Paul Arow is a gifted singer/songwriter who arranges and produces quality music. The music is easy-listening, country rock, blues and light rock written in a classic style. Paul has had a lifelong love of music and started writing songs during high school and then became a member of the Arizona Song Writers Association. His involvement with this association helped to hone his song writing skills. He is currently an independent producer/ recording artist.

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