Connection to My Australian Grandfather

A song I wrote called Spiritual Man (Goin’ Home) is written about some neat stories my grandfather experienced, as well as some moments my family shared together with him in his later life. One of the stories in the song is about a time when he was rescued by an angel. In this picture I am wearing my grandfather’s tie.

Paul Arow Wearing Grandfather’s Tie

Here’s the details of the angel story. When my grandfather was young, he was a Presbyterian minister in the outback of Australia. He would preach in bars while riding from town to town. He usually rode a horse to move around on his journey.

Frank West Presbyterian Minister
Frank West Presbyterian Minister

Once he rented a horse named Satan of all things. While riding at full gallop, the saddle slipped, and my grandfather was being drug, with his foot caught in the stirrup. Thankfully a man on a white horse rode up and helped my grandfather get back on his horse. The man disappeared as soon as my grandfather turned to thank him. My grandfather always felt it was an angel who saved him that day! The Australian outback it is flat and barren, so you can see for miles around.

An Angel Rescued Frank West from Peril

Author: Paul Arow

Paul Arow is a gifted singer/songwriter who arranges and produces quality music. The music is easy-listening, country rock, blues and light rock written in a classic style. Paul has had a lifelong love of music and started writing songs during high school and then became a member of the Arizona Song Writers Association. His involvement with this association helped to hone his song writing skills. He is currently an independent producer/ recording artist.