Spiritual Man (Goin’ Home) Video

I’m super excited to announce my new video Spiritual Man (Goin’ Home)!

Please check out the video on YouTube! Please go to Spotify to listen to this song for free! Tell all your friends about it!

Spiritual Man (Goin’ Home) was written as a tribute to my grandfather, who was a preacher in Australia. He preached in bars in remote towns in the Australian outback. During this time he was rescued from the perils on a run-away horse. He came to visit Arizona later and was made an honorary sheriff. When I was 11 we fished at the river together in Brisbane.

Author: Paul Arow

Paul Arow is a gifted singer/songwriter who arranges and produces quality music. The music is easy-listening, country rock, blues and light rock written in a classic style. Paul has had a lifelong love of music and started writing songs during high school and then became a member of the Arizona Song Writers Association. His involvement with this association helped to hone his song writing skills. He is currently an independent producer/ recording artist.